Change is needed to make the next step, soon our new social platform “DRIVES” can be found here. Please read our plans below. This change is the result of many individual conversations with our current members. This is only the beginning, together we’ll develop it and thus helping our industry. There’s much more to come soon, (please) keep posted!

By the way, communication will be in English from now on. It’s the preference of the majority of our members. We believe it’s a good step forward and easier to connect on an international level.

DGA new style

The world is changing rapidly and old structures don’t work anymore. Many people believe we are in the middle of a transition. This makes it impossible to work with detailed plans over a long period. Things change rapidly and that makes plans outdated before they are even carried out. Guidance and mentoring is needed to keep pace, next to the creation of core values that are applicable to a large part of our industry and are valid for a longer period. Introducing people to useful relations, online and offline, will give them more insight into: development, research or entrepreneurship, or a combination of these valuable topics.

Core values of the DGA

  • Connect!
  • Share knowledge
  • Be Game-minded
  • Pro-active attitude
  • Operate with passion
  • Act on a shared vision
  • Develop by co-creation
  • Be a center of knowledge

These values support our mission. When running our strategy we will always keep them in mind. Making sure we will live up to our values and achieving the results we aim for.

The new online platform “DRIVES” will grow in any direction the industry wants it to grow. That’s where the DGA comes in, we will facilitate this process: observing any activity taking place and feeding back results, insights and knowledge to the industry. Our objective is to connect the industry; together we can achieve more. In this concept we all (developers, founders, CEO’s, professors, politicians, managers, workers, artists, publishers, VC’s, etc, etc) play an important role; it’s us that will make the system and our industry work.

By being closely connected, the DGA will be able to properly represent the industry wherever and whenever needed.

What are we?

  1. An industry association
  2. A knowledge center
  3. A network organisation

In short: As an association we listen to the needs of the industry and represent it to the government and the outside world. Being a knowledge center we make knowledge available to the industry. As a network organisation the DGA will keep on connecting people to strengthen our industry.

Incentives for DGA members:

  • a large influence on the decisions the DGA makes
  • able to use the firestarter model (ask a question, DGA facilitates the answer)
  • discount on events and other products
  • pathway to valuable connections
  • being part of an organisation that defends your interests
  • free guidelines and standard documents
  • being part of a community that drives the industry
  • full use of our online platform
  • enabling the DGA to become a solid and professional organisation representing our industry

Membership DGA

Everybody with a professional interest in games and located in the Netherlands may become a member of the DGA. The membership fee depends on the size of your organisation.

Organisations with less than 25 employees € 250,-
Organisations with 25-50 employees € 400,-
Organisations with 50-100 employees € 600,-
Organisations with more than 100 employees € 800,-
Freelancers on personal title € 125,-
Prospective membership (Students) € 50,-
(Prizes are per year and VAT is excluded)

When an organisation signs up, every employee of that organisation can enjoy the benefits of being a member of the DGA. Anyone or any organization which is not located in the Netherlands, but who wants to join our association, may become a promoter. Promoters have the same advantages as regular members, but don’t have a vote within the association. The membership fee is the same as for regular members.

Value Partners

Organisations, or movements that want to add value to our association may do so by becoming a partner of the DGA. Terms and conditions will be discussed individually. There are interesting possibilities available, all based on creating mutual benefits.

Visit CLICKNL | GAMES for now, to see the latest news.

Current Partners

DGG, Growing Games, EBU

Do you want to become a member, just sign up here.